4 Pets Photography   premium pet photography in the Lisbon area


We believe that pets rule!  Our furry, big-nosed and fuzzy friends are part of our family. It’s great to document their lives and relationship with ‘their humans’. Whether it’s dogs, cats or, why not, farm animals, we’re here to capture them, capture their personalities, smiles and expressions.

At 4 Pets Photography, we are not afraid to get dirty, to get on the ground playing, to run on the beach or to roll in the grass, we really want to photograph the joy, the sweet and the fantastic expressions that fill our days. These are moments of happiness and playfulness, portraits that immortalize them and thus persist in time.

Spending an afternoon, camera in hand, photographing pets, is living hours of pure happiness for pets, for their humans and for our team. We create and fix memories, photograph pets and their families.

Based in Lisbon, we work in a studio, exteriors and on-location.


Sam found a family

Sam just found himself a new family after being rescued by Animais de Rua. He's all settled now in his new home. 

Happy days for two lovely girls

These are happy days for Fluffy and her mother. Both found loving families that adopted them. They are now instaled in their new homes, with loving parents.

Hello my name is Fluffy

Fluffy is a recent arrival at 'Animais de Rua' rescuing organization. She's waiting for a family that wants to welcome her into their lives. She is a beautiful, sweet and curious kitten. Though a little afraid she let us take some photographs with the help of a snack...


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